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Durability: Physical Toughness

Entry fees are paid, a hotel is selected and celebratory champagne brunch is booked!  You are financially invested in and 100% dedicated to your athletic goal.  Now you have to prepare to fight for it.  You must become durable.  The term durability refers to one’s ability to “resist wear, decay; [to be] lasting, enduring.”  A durable athlete maintains a steadfast course towards their physical toughnessgoals with a combination of physical toughness and mental toughness.  Both are assets East Coast Run Project seeks to create while helping you become a better athlete.

Physical Toughness

Physical toughness is more than just fighting it out for a sixteen week training cycle while avoiding injuries and staying focused.  Another term for mind over matter, physical toughness means bearing down and making your way through uncomfortable situations without any thought of quitting.

Physical toughness is not just strength.  You can be plenty strong without having much toughness.  The ability to overcome challenging situations and still perform well is the trademark of a physically tough athlete.  They can adapt to difficult terrains, continue functioning after a misstep and recover quickly.  This kind of grit, however, does not develop overnight.

You have to be disciplined and dedicated.  You must acknowledge that you are capable of more than your mind leads you to believe.  Push yourself each day to give your body a new challenge: shorter rest, a workout outside, a run through the deep sand.  Each test will make your body physically tougher.  Ultimately, the key to being a physically tough athlete is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  And that takes practice.

Finally, physical toughness is not blind.  It has a soft side.  A tough athlete knows how important it is to listen to and respect your body because the last thing they want is to push it beyond its limits into over training or injury.  Challenge your body while being sure to give it the water, food and rest it needs.

East Coast Run Project is here to guide you on your journey to becoming a more dedicated, physically and mentally tougher athlete.  We can’t wait to have you visit again!

Coach Meredith


Dedication: Why It Matters

Webster’s Dictionary defines dedication as “a feeling of very strong support for or loyalty to someone or something : the quality or state of being dedicated to a person, group, cause, etc.”  Synonyms include allegiance, devotion and commitment.  At East Coast Run Project, this is our first team requirement.  You must have the dedication to your goals that reaching them requires.dedication

Why?  Because training is hard.  There will be rainy days and cold days and hot days.  You will be tired.  Soreness will creep in.  You will ask yourself ‘why?’

Know why you want to accomplish something.  Exactly what it means to you.  Be able to enjoy each step along the way even when it’s challenging is key to reaching your goals.

It’s easy to lose site of your goal and get off track with so many things trying to get in the way.  Be 100% dedicated to accomplishing what you’ve set out to.  Whether it’s a monthly objective, annual goal or long term destination, that dedication will ensure that you can make it through hard days.

Be 100% dedicated to your training, recovery and fueling every single day with your goal firmly locked into focus.

Coach Meredith

Welcome to East Coast Run Project!

Welcome to the East Coast Run Project Blog!

I’m happy you’re here and can’t wait to help you become a happier, stronger and more durable athlete.  The most important thing about ECRP is that we want everyone to reach their goals while reducing the frequency of injury and having as much fun as possible.  From an ultra marathon to stealing second base, East Coast Run Project is the answer to your running efficiency and power questions.

We believe there are two major parts of being a successful athlete no matter what level you’re on.  The first is dedication.  You must commit to improving.  There will be ups and downs along the way but keeping your head up is the first thing we require.  Yes, that can be hard.  Which is why the second component of being an ECRP athlete is durability.  Physical, mental and emotional toughness are all rolled up under the durability umbrella to create well rounded athletes who are less frequently injured and bounce back from hard days or bad races quickly.

Work hard.  Recover correctly.  Reach your Destination Faster.

Welcome to the team!

Coach Meredith