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4 Treadmill Workouts for Bad Weather

When the weather’s bad runners can be stuck inside earning their miles on the dreaded treadmill.  It can be incredibly boring to spend lots of time running in place and it’s not known to be many runner’s first choice.  Luckily, a little variety can help and as long as you don’t fall for these treadmill myths, you’ll get a good workout in regardless of where you have to do it.  Here are treadmill workoutsfour treadmill workouts to try the next time you’re not able to hit the road.

Build It.  This 30 minute pyramid workout makes a great tempo session.  After your warm-up, start running at an easy pace.  Increase your speed by a comfortable margin every 2 minutes for the first 18 minutes then decrease by the same amount every 2 minutes to finish back at an easy pace.  When it’s time to up the ante, 0.2 miles an hour is a good jump.  If you’re not comfortable with your top speed being over a mile an hour faster, cut it down to 0.1.  You’ll still get a solid session in and your time on the dreadmill will be over before you know it.

Mix it up.  Intervals can be done anywhere and that means even on a treadmill.  No need to be afraid, most treadmills can handle whatever speed your workout calls for.  Determine whether you should stand, walk or jog between speedy sections and set the treadmill to do it automatically for you.  It’s a good idea to give yourself a few extra seconds at each speed, however, because the mill takes longer than we do on the road to speed up and slow down.

Start climbing.  Build strength by running treadmill ‘hills’.  Ramp up the incline and then lower it back down at predetermined minutes or distance.  Mix up the height of your ‘hill’ while trying to maintain your speed for a challenging session.  While you won’t get practice running downhill too, you will get stronger as the time flies by.

Do something else.  Add some other exercises to your treadmill workouts.  Warm up, run a mile then hop off to do some squats or push-ups.  Repeat several times to build full body fitness while still racking up some of those needed miles.  Pick a treadmill at the end of a row and choose exercises that keep you close.  Body weight and dumbbell movements are perfect, especially upper body ones that give those hard working legs a breather.

Of course, you can always put on a favorite show and just run.  If you’re looking for a little more fun, give any one of these treadmill workouts a try.  You’ll stay on track with your training no matter what’s going on outside.

Coach Meredith